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How to classify wines in order to obtain a better production

The Vivelys Wine Matrix helps determine the most suitable winemaking rules according to the style of your wine. This includes oak and oxygen, as well as lees extraction management, yeast selection, and choice of harvest date.

A method that allows you to profile your wine without requiring too much experience on a particular grape varietal or geographical area. This method is very useful for new grape varieties, including resistant grape varietals or for existing ones that have never been planted in the geographical area. 

This is the best way to achieve a previously defined sensory objective.

Vivelys Wine Matrix

How can know-how be built on a more general methodolgy rather than the classic paradigm concerning variety and geographical area?

To answer this question, we have developed a method for classifying wines based on ther chemical and sensory characteristics, rather that their origin (variety or geaographical area).

Vivelys utilizes this method to determine the best way to oak or oxygenate a certain type of wine in order to achieve a predefined sensory objective.

How does it work? 

We assume that each wine could be defined by its aromatic style and overall concentration (aromatic or taste).

  1. AROMATIC STYLE - The aromatic style will influence the rules of oxygen and oak supply due to the reactivity of the chemical molecules of the varietal aromas with oxygen or oak compounds. The choice of harvest date will thus have a major influence on the style of the wine. 
  2. CONCENTRATION - The overall concentration of wines will also play a role in the interactions between oxygen, oak and wine.

We have therefore imagined a wine style matrix organized according to aromatic styles and overall concentration.
We then explored the best interactions between wine and oxygen/oak interaction in order to build our know-how, using our experimental cellar.
This allows you to choose the winemaking program best suited for the chosen wine style.

It's very easy to use!

The diversity of wine styles represented by the complete matrix may give the impression that it is difficult to position one's wine within it, but in reality wine styles are much more limited in a given area.

Examples among many possibilities,

  • Syrah from northern Côtes du Rhône - "Varietal fresh/concentrated" matrix
  • Pinot Noir from Burgundy - "Varietal fresh/light bodied" matrix
  • Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley - "Varietal ripe/concentrated" matrix
  • Pinots Noir grown in hot zones, Grenache - "Varietal ripe/light bodied" matrix 

In order to offer the best advice to our clients, we start by first positioning the style of the wine in this matrix and then we have a better idea of the working axes to modify the aromatic style, increase the volume in the mouth or reduce tannic aggressiveness.

Design your wine 
by Vivelys

In a permanent search for balance, style and performance, we help winegrowers make the right decisions at the right time to reveal the best of their wines.
"DESIGN YOUR WINE" is our credo and embodies this ambition!

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