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Secure your Alcoholic Fermentations

When expertise & automation meets winemaking expectations
A global fermentation care that helps gain QUALITY, TIME and PROFITABILITY!

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Slow or sluggish fermentations can be a real topic

Slow and incomplete or arrested yeast fermentations are a chronic issue for the wine industry worldwide and have a direct impact on the result of wine profiles.
These fermentation problems arise due to the presence 
and impact of various factors, such as: 


Slow Start


Stress Factors


Seasonal Influences


Management Decisions

Discover an easier way to secure and monitor your fermentations

The synergy between Ecolys® & Scalya® ensures a unique performance for the production of high yield density yeast and bacterias, in order to ensure clean start fermentations with a short latency period. Alcoholic fermentations are then supervised and monitored in order to guarantee successful fermentation phases. 


Ecolys® & Scalya® Synergy

What are the main advantages of these two solutions combined?


We will help you produce
high-yield ferments and to fully control the guidance of your cellar processes.


We’ve been in your shoes, with more than 20 years of wine-making experience, we’ve developed a system fully aligned with your needs.


Free yourself from manual, uncontrolled actions and guide your wine profiles with a peace of mind.

Significant savings

Drop production costs and fermentation time,
gain in productivity, and
Improve wine quality.

Yeast production

Inoculations in the best possible conditions

Highly powerful yeast

Ecolys® assures the production of yeast with high density in 12-15 hours, removing the lag phase and giving the ability to choose the yeast strain of your choice.


Ecolys® guarantees the start of fermentations, the implantation of the yeast and avoiding thermal shocks.


Automated workshop

Automation of:
▪ Population multiplication and monitoring
▪ Acclimatization of the yeasts to temperature
▪ Addition of nutrients
▪ Traceability of data collection. 


Pay off the cost of your ferments to focus your choices on their oenological qualities. 

Scalya® Safe

Preserve your alcoholic fermentations

Density data

A daily density measurement integrated into the model developed by Vivelys will coordinate the input of nitrogen and oxygen into the wine.

Oxygen & nitrogen

The input of oxygen is automated and carried out systematically at the right moment, that is, at the end of the yeast growth phase.
You can access at any time the commands of the oxygen injection Visio™ equipement.


Simple supervision

Scalya Safe informs you in real time for each of your tanks: the progress percentage of alcoholic fermentation, the quantity of available nitrogen to be added, and any system alarms.


Preserve the aromas of wines,
control your cellar processes, improve your productivity, free yourself from manual/uncontrolled actions and
guide your wine profiles with a peace of mind.


Decades of experience, a passionate team focused on success, a long history of innovation and hard work - what we do gets results!


Ecolys® offers a new perspective for the production of high performance yeast starter.
Thanks to a tank specially designed to promote cellular yeast multiplication, Ecolys® allows the production of biomass at high cellular concentration in order to achieve a quick start of alcoholic fermentation (reduced lag phase).
The Vivelys Ecolys® equipment allows simple operational management thanks to an automated system and an interface for easy control of parameters (temperature - oxygen, nitrogen, evolution of biomass production).
Support and training by Vivelys experts are included for each project. 

SCALYA® is a solution for managing the winemaking process.
It is composed of a central control system that will be able to control and coordinate all the key parameters involved in securing Alcholic fermentation or wine profiling.
The SCALYA® interface allows you to visualize the process flow (status of parameters or equipment) but above all to create an infinite number of programs that will coordinate the tank equipment according to the winemaker's choice.
Scalya® transmits the recommendations to the equipment of each tank (thermoregulation, pumping pumps, micro-oxygenation, etc.), according to the recipe chosen or by using one of the Vivelys programs proposed in the software.
In addition, Scalya® is a modular and scalable system that adapts to each cellar according to its objectives. For example, a project may start by controlling specific parameters on a few tanks and then evolve to full control on several tanks in the future without changing the master system. 

A High-performance Alcoholic fermentation requires a high cell concentration of yeast, plus the right amount of oxygen and nutrients added at the right time, in order to fulfill their metabolism.
Thanks to Vivelys Ecolys® and SCALYA®, winemakers now have a fully automated solution to take the global control of their fermentations to make them safer and more efficient. 

Synergy between Ecolys® and Scalya® make it possible to reach a high performance of AF without adding regular quantities of yeast or AF activators. Consequences are, a huge reduction of production cost and a significant decrease of AF duration. This last advantage opens opportunities to decrease thermoregulation expenses during AF, increase the volume of grapes processed with the same volume of tanks (more rotation) or secure wine quality.

So far, Ecolys® and/or SCALYA® are present in most of the countries where wine is produced, i.e. France, Spain, Chile, USA, Portugal, South Africa, Israel, etc…
That represents 200 million gallons (7,5 MHL) of must inoculated with Ecolys® and over 80 million gallons (3 MHL) of wine made with SCALYA®. 


Vivelys invented Boisé®, Dyostem®, Scalya®, Ecolys®, Sensiel® and the micro-oxygenation Visio™

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